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About Us

PSAF is an adventurous new entity that draws on over 20 years experience in the area of mobile battery storage, electric drives, and ‘smart’ control systems.

PSAF is now focusing on providing robust portable energy storage systems for industrial and marine applications. Both these sectors involve harsh operating environments, as well as an imperative for safe, reliable technologies that are capable of withstanding the environmental challenges.

Whilst the transition away from fossil fuel dependence is an essential strategy for all sectors, providing battery electric technologies into sailing yachts is a particular passion to PSAF as these boats have the capacity to harness wind energy and convert this to stored energy, potentially providing energy independence.


PSAF prides itself in providing products and technologies that perform reliably and safely in the harshest environments. Building mission critical reliability involves the selection of proven componentry, incorporating flexibility and redundancy in it’s systems.

PSAF uniquely offers; portable, high energy density solutions that are fully self contained in terms of application readiness, while also capable of participating in digital networks.

The philosophy that underpins PSAF products and technologies are as follows;

1) Providing a range of energy related technologies that assist in the transition away from fossil fuel dependence by providing viable alternatives that reduce carbon footprint and provide a pathway to energy independence.


2) Developing a range of advanced labour saving technologies supporting yacht operations.

Achieving these two strategic goals requires the development of increasingly energy efficient equipment that is capable of exchanging information and an ability to be controlled over digital networks. This in turn provides for a highly integrated ‘smart’ vessel management system that requires less input from the operator to undertake normal operations.


Clean energy generation, energy storage, and energy efficiency, are the technologies that will clearly underpin human communities into the future. PSAF is keen to support projects where there is a clear opportunity for improved social and environmental outcomes through the application of it's core technologies.

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