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About Us

PSAF provides a wide range of energy dense, portable energy storage systems and related technologies for industrial and marine applications. Our products are designed for operation in harsh environments where dependability is vital.

PSAF has a passion for providing battery electric systems into sailing yachts supporting the transition away from fossil fuels and creating a pathway for energy independence.


PSAF’s design philosophy ensures that products perform reliably and safely in the most demanding applications and the harshest environments.

PSAF products are designed to be self-contained and capable of stand-alone operations, while also including the design flexibility that allows them to fully participate within digital networks.

This design philosophy ensures the reliability and flexibility, making products both accessible as well as capable of operating in mission critical sectors such as industrial, marine and humanitarian applications.


PSAF demonstrates it’s commitment to the local community on a daily basis by ensuring  it’s operations genuinely develop great outcomes for those involved in it’s projects. 

This is achieved through; 

  • Ensuring that operational decisions benefit the local community,
  • The development of technologies that promote positive outcomes for humanity and the environment, and
  • Actively supporting external projects where there is a clear benefit for improved social and environmental outcomes.  

PSAF recognises that it is a unique position to provide advanced, yet fundamental technologies, that support human communities into the future, and is keen to support projects that improve the living standards of people, their communities and the environment in which they live.

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